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AboutSexuality.ca is a sexology-related information website which offers educational, consulting, preventive and support services to all Web users. Here, you will find any type of information related to human sexuality. We believe that it is necessary to inform people about sexuality because it is an ever-changing and evolving aspect of our lives.

Because sexuality is a personal and intimate subject, AboutSexuality hopes that their clientele will reflect on the choices they are faced with in order to make the most responsible decisions in regard to their sexuality. In order to promote a healthier sexual lifestyle, AboutSexuality gives you access to sexological documentation and questionnaires, as well as the opportunity to chat with other users about different subjects and consult a sexologist online.

AboutSexuality will maintain an up-to-date website and provide knowledgeable personnel in order to offer quality information that meets the everyday needs of our clients. Furthermore, our personnel commits to respecting the website’s code of ethics as well as the confidentiality of all consultations.

Being sexually healthy is not just a matter of genitality. It's also a matter of taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

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